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What is parlay betting? A guide to standard and easy-to-win play

Understanding what parlay betting is can be challenging for newcomers getting acquainted with the sports betting model. It is considered a new way to play, a big win for skilled players. Today, Wintips will provide you with detailed information to enhance your knowledge for better football betting.

Explaining the meaning of parlay betting in football

Football betting has long been the reigning discipline among games at online bookmakers. It brings excitement and satisfaction as you immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of each football season. Thanks to this, enthusiasts get to experience numerous captivating matches and various enticing betting options provided by bookmakers.

Among the many football bets from Europe to Asia, there is a type known as parlay betting that has gained popularity recently. This type of bet includes the odds you are already familiar with. With just one bet, you can select all your favorite teams.

Current betting platforms always provide opportunities for you to explore and conquer new types of bets. Every platform offers many perks and promotions when you create an account on the official website. They ensure to bring you moments of ecstasy in your favorite pastime.

Due to its risky nature, parlay betting is not suitable for those who seek a sense of security. It can be considered an opportunity for a life-changing win or a turnaround from defeat to victory with just a single bet. Therefore, seize the opportunity, make thoughtful considerations, analyze the odds, and engage in parlay football betting wisely.

What are the methods of playing parlay bets? Is it difficult for beginners?

For those unfamiliar, parlay betting offers a diverse and engaging form of play. You can look forward to your favorite football seasons to give it a try. Rest assured, you will feel excited and intrigued when experiencing these novelties.

Depending on your preference, you can bet on 1×2, also known as the European handicap, over/under, or Asian handicap, with combinations ranging from 2 to 8 bets. As an example, if there is a match between Manchester United (MU), Liverpool, and Manchester City (MC), you might bet on the 1×2 market with the following selections:

  • MU wins against Liverpool

  • MU draws with MC

  • Liverpool loses to MC

You only receive a payout if all three prediction football win are correct; otherwise, you lose the entire bet. This is a crucial consideration when opting for parlay bets due to the 'all or nothing' nature of this type of wager.

What are the odds in parlay betting and how is the winning amount calculated?

Parlay betting lacks a universal standardized odds format; instead, it fluctuates for each match, with bookmakers determining the odds based on their assessments. The odds provided on this platform might deviate from those offered by other bookmakers, underscoring the importance of careful consideration before placing your bet. In this context, Wintips aims to provide valuable insights and soccer hot tips for calculating profits after a successful outcome.

How is the money calculated when placing a European handicap in parlay betting?

If you have engaged in this particular betting type, you undoubtedly possess a comprehensive understanding of the rules and formulas crucial for ensuring precision. The possession of such knowledge empowers players to manage and verify the correctness of each financial transaction. Parlay betting in the 1×2 market holds numerous advantages for those with the courage to explore.

For instance, consider a scenario where you place a $100 parlay bet (utilizing the European handicap) on Hebei to emerge victorious against Shanghai and Nanjing to secure a win against Sichuan Jiuniu. The calculation involves multiplying the odds: (4.848 x 1.565) x $100 = 7.59 x $100 = $759. This substantial amount represents your potential winnings from a successful parlay bet, significantly surpassing what you would obtain from individual single bets.

How are Asian odds and handicap odds calculated in parlay bets?

Differing from the earlier explanations, the Asian handicap involves a rather intricate calculation methodology that demands your utmost focus to grasp comprehensively. The specific formula is as follows: multiplying the odds when winning by A, then by B, and finally by 1, accompanied by the subsequent clarifications:

If A represents the odds for a half or half-winning scenario, the formula becomes (odds coefficient/2) + 10.5.

If B denotes the odds for a half or half-losing scenario, the formula simplifies to the odds coefficient/2.

In the case of a draw between the two teams, the coefficient is substituted with 1.


Now that you have acquired an understanding of parlay betting and gained insights into football prediction strategies, the moment has arrived for you to demonstrate your skills and enthusiasm for this discipline by engaging in online betting. With the genuine guidance provided by Wintips sporty trader, you can enhance your confidence significantly. Embrace the opportunity to delve into parlay betting, both now and in the future.


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