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Rod Taylor
for Coos County Commissioner

“We are the leaders we have been waiting for; be the leader.”

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What I Believe

I would want to be represented by someone who is engaged in my community and knows its people; someone who has shown their commitment through what they’ve done - not through tired, empty political rhetoric.

Our elected servants must recognize the significance and consequence of this chapter for our country, our communities, our future and that of our young people. Where that recognition is lacking, someone needs to step up where they can really make a difference.

Although I never had political ambitions, I came to realize that someone is me; I feel compelled to bring my involvement to an official capacity, to play a role reinstating and restoring the Liberty and opportunity that is divinely, constitutionally ours.

Our Constitution is a social contract, our rule book. It’s the most successful, admired societal framework ever conceived. The blessings we inherited must be defended before it’s too late.

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