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Rod Taylor for Coos County Commissioner

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About Rod

I grew up on a cattle ranch in northern California. My dad taught me the value of kindness and generosity. He also taught me about animal husbandry, mechanics, farming, fabrication and important life lessons about decisions – because wrong ones could have serious consequences. In addition to the ranch, Dad also ran an independent manufacturer representative company. This early introduction to business has proven beneficial to endeavors throughout my life. My mom, who was Dad’s best partner to the end, lives in Bandon as does my brother, two of my children and grandchildren.

After leaving the ranch, I spent a few years working in various employment for others and myself in farming, mechanics, and the automotive sector. In the mid-80s I began a career as a maritime operating engineer, working for a small cruise ship company in Alaska, Panama, California, and Oregon. From the late ‘80s through the ‘90s I built houses and had a cabinet shop focused on high-end, custom woodwork.

Physical issues dictated a change from construction and this came in the form of business-to-business sales in the telecom sector. One week after the 9/11 attacks, I found myself unemployed and so went back into self-employment, establishing a new company. My staff and I have operated US Survey Supply out of Bandon since 2003 serving customers across the nation and the world.

With three grown children and three grandchildren (so far), I became increasingly concerned with their futures and the way the nation was trending. This was one of the main drivers behind my decision to get more involved politically, and in late 2020 along with some friends, I co-founded Citizens Restoring Liberty (CRL), a rights group meeting in Bandon, OR each week. This grassroots, inclusive group meets for the purpose of energizing concerned citizens and unifying the community to become actively engaged and effect meaningful change. The CRL motto – “We are all the leaders we have been waiting for” – resonated with members, and our initiatives have resulted in numerous local changes and victories.

I ran for the Bandon Port Commission as well as the Coos County Transit District board in 2021, and was handily elected to both seats where I currently serve. In 2022, due to perceived lack of effective leadership on the Coos County Board of Commissioners, I decided (with much encouragement from many) to run for County Commissioner as well.

My driving issues in this pursuit all have one common thread: Liberty, and the belief that it is a gift from Almighty God to man, not to be trespassed by government. Among my primary concerns are local control of property and land use rights, housing affordability, reclamation of wildlife and fisheries management, support of law enforcement, and protecting our children from damaging education policies designed to change their values.

My commitment to the 2nd Amendment is absolute & steadfast. I believe in complete transparency and full accountability in government, that is supposed to serve at the will of The People. I advocate for policies that incentivize responsible participation in society while providing uplifting help to those who will accept it.

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