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Voter Pamphlet

Instead of paying to get our information into the Voter Pamphlet, we decided to use that money on a targetted direct mailing approach.

Here is what we were going to put in the pamphlet.  This forum allows us to put more information in front of the voters and get around content length restrictions.

Voter Pamphlet: Text

Rod For Coos Candidate Statement 2022 General Election Handbook

We have serious problems in Coos County. We’ve been losing our property rights at an alarming pace. Zoning and planning based on United Nations “Agenda 2030” makes housing unaffordable, yet the incumbent attends conventions in support of this. Our deep-water port is not developed, thus not creating the awesome jobs and prosperity that it should. Misguided ODF&W policies have wrecked many of our legendary salmon runs.

Our public safety is threatened by exploding homelessness due to rampant drugs and the passage of Measure 110 legalizing them. Our 2nd Amendment rights are under constant assault by people who cannot understand the meaning of “shall not be infringed.” Our children are at serious risk today, even in our own public schools. Destructive philosophies like critical race theory and transgender theory, to make children uncomfortable with their skin color and their sex at birth, are forced on our kids by radicals at the Oregon Department of Education. We should be the most prosperous county in the state by default, but we’re not.

Coos County must become a constitutional county, rejecting unconstitutional laws that endanger our communities, our children, our rights and our property. It’s time for We the People to stand up and take back our local control, take back our salmon policy and put hatch boxes back in all of our streams. It’s time to take back control of our Coos Wagon Road lands, and to put freedom back at the forefront of the 2nd Amendment discussion. It’s time for We the People of Coos to stand up against Salem and Washington DC to say, “No more!” It’s time for County government to be accessible to We the People, with Commissioners’ meetings at 6:30 PM instead of 9:30 AM when most working people cannot attend; and meetings should move around to each community in turn.

A vote for Rod Taylor is a vote to return us to the constitutional framework we should have been under all along. We the People can do it together.

Voter Pamphlet: Text
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